ASM-1 Construction

Dan Higdon hdan at
Tue Oct 29 06:42:21 CET 1996

I know someone posted a message about this a while back, but I don't have
it any more.  How does the 2N4391 fit into the board?  I assume that since
the pins and the holes match up so nicely, and the components all seem to
fit together easily, that it goes in the "natural" way.  Is this right?
(I sure hope so, or I'll get to test my de-soldering skills. :-)

Also, is there any more information about using a MAT-02 instead of 2 transistors?
How is the stability?  Will I even notice a difference under "normal" studio usage?
I haven't installed those parts yet, and I don't want to blow around 30 bucks on
some MAT-02s if I don't have to.  (That's 4 of them at around $7.50 each)

One more thing - is it OK to use TL082s for all of the opamps?  In particular,
there are two kinds of opamps mentioned in the envelope generators.  The
LM358(?), which is used as a comparator is the one I want to replace.

I must say that this is my first plate-through board, and I am impressed.
Those parts installed with NO trouble, and soldering was a breeze.  Just a few
parts to order (the parts list was short 2 4.7uf caps, and one 0.1uf bypass in one
of the oscillators), then I get to order all those pots and jacks.  Eeeee!


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