Good Engineering Practices

Pekka Martikainen cubase at
Mon Oct 28 08:10:39 CET 1996

Bob Zimmer writes:

 > What are some of the other practices that one should follow when designing
 > PC boards?

I guess these _basic_ rules were not mentioned yet:

Use broad ground and power lines, always at least 50mils. Usually I use
even more wide lines.

In digital design use ladder type ground and power nets. As much loops as
possible, so there won't be reflections. In very fast digital designs, 
don't use sharp 90 turns, but 45 turns :) A 90 degree is more like a coil
and it radiates more. Now I am going too far since this is not a problem
in synth designs...

In analog design use star shaped power and ground lines. No loops at all.
Lines should meet only at a one point, just near the output of regulator.
Sometimes, this is impossible.

Pekka Martikainen
cubase at

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