MIDI to CV Interface

John Speth 71214.3606 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Oct 26 17:14:41 CEST 1996

I've been having thoughts about tackling an embedded controller project (for
MIDI-CV apps adn other things) for a few years now and I think I have some well
developed ideas.  But first some responses to Bob Zimmer's ideas:

I wonder about the Basic Stamp's program capacity.  I don't know about the BS II
version but I checked the specs on the simplest version and I was amazed at how
small the program space was (80 instructions).  A MIDI datastream reader
software can get pretty complicated pretty fast.  I wouldn't want to invest in a
development system and run into that brick wall the first day into the project.

Be careful of EM Mag's DIY projects from years ago.  I remember they were
victims of a scandalous contributer whose DIY article they published.  It was
some kind of MIDI project that DIDN'T WORK and was never built by the author.
Although Thomas Henry is reputable.

I'd entertain the idea of a collaboration on an embedded controller project.  My
personal goal is to design a core controller that will have some CPU with RW
ram, an EPROM for bootstrap starting, and an EEPROM for remote application
program loading and saving.  The idea is based on the fact that burning and
erasing EPROMS is a pain in the ass.  So if you can do your (cross) development
on a PC and download the object code via a serial port using a loader running
out of the EPROM, you can save the program to EEPROM and have a field
programmable embedded controller without the investment of a burner and eraser.
All you need is a CPU with a dedicated serial port for programming and cross
development software (which CAN get expsnsive).  I think the extensive 8051
family makes it a shoe-in for this application.

Bob, let me know privately what you think (johns at oei.com)


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