MIDI to CV Interface

Mark Pulver mpulver at wwa.com
Sat Oct 26 06:23:43 CEST 1996

Gene was talking about:

>>     Regarding non-home-built MIDI-CV converters, I have a box that I've 
>>     been testing called the "CV-3". Our very own list member Kyle Jarger 
>>     and his buddy created it, and it is quite impressive. 

Then I said something wierd like:

>*wow*. The audio addition is a GREAT idea!
>Anyone want a good deal on a Kenton Pro4?  Looks like I shoulda' been
looking at >a CV-3 Quad!

Which of course generated a good bit of mail along the lines of: "How
Much?" "Can you ship it tomorrow?"...

Ummm, sorry all, but I guess I shoulda' dropped a couple of grins in
there.. I'm quite happy with the Pro4, and it's staying here in the rack.


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