Couple of hopefully simple questions

Mark Pulver mpulver at
Fri Oct 25 17:05:32 CEST 1996

>  > 28 gauge???  WOW... That's SERIOUSLY small...
>  Yeah, I agree. I used hard disk driver power harnesses - and I think
>  those are 20 gauge or 22. I bought "Y" cables from the Digikey catalog,
>  cut off one of the male ends, soldered the wires to the PCB and used the
>  other two ends for daisy-chaining.

This is a *great* idea!

I'm about to start taking delivery of modules that Ric Miller has been
building for me, and the power bus I have setup for that is all 20 gauge
wire. I have a couple of stand alone rack frames that I'll be putting the
modules in, and I just wired up a grid of barrier strips bolted down to the
side of the frames. Ric has terminated the power pigtails on the modules
with spade connectors so it's just a matter of mounting the modules and
hitting the power switch. :)


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