Couple of hopefully simple questions

Mark Pulver mpulver at
Fri Oct 25 15:39:59 CEST 1996

>1.  I'm planning to use 28 gauge (stranded) ribbon cable for power
>distribution through my modular.  These are going to be connected directly
>to the modules through IDC edge connectors.  I have seen them listed in
>Digi-Key's catalog as capable of 2A, but in a book I bought, they are rated
>under 200ma.  This is quite a difference in ratings.  The question is, just
>what current are they capable of carrying?

28 gauge???  WOW... That's SERIOUSLY small... I think the harness in my
Moog modular is 20 gauge. Rating wise, I'm thinking that 200ma is the right
one... I dunno that I'd be jamming 2A through 28 gauge wire unless I was
planning on building a heating coil...

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