Is Your Web Site A Secret?

Rob rob at
Fri Oct 25 20:12:46 CEST 1996

OK these spamers piss me off too and I'm glad to see that you guys have let
the spamers know in no uncerten terms that they suck.

But I can't resist this oppertunity to say:

YES GODDAMIT my website is a secret, in fact it's a Secret Secret!

So if you have a chance check out the Secret Secret website.  If you tool
around you even find a QuickTime movie that you might enjoy (it's rather
big though at just over 9 meg).

I put this stuff together over a year ago and I havent had time to update
it.  This was put together for the Multiple Insertions CD Rom (which you
can get to also from the SS site) and we couldn't use audio bytes or maps.
I'll be updating the site with these things now that I have my own domain
and al,l but it's not there yet.  I probably should have mentioned this
stuff to you all a long time ago, but you know how easy it is to get

How much do you think the spamers will charge me to _keep_ my site a
secret?  8.)


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