MIDI to CV Interface

Bob Zimmer bzimmer at voicenet.com
Fri Oct 25 19:36:40 CEST 1996

To all,

I've decided to cancel my order with PAiA for the MIDI-CD device they offer
since it isn't available yet.  I have plans for a device that was in
Electronic Musican many years ago, written by Thomas Henry.  It offers four
voice output, but uses a Motorola CPU chip that few ROM burners support and
I'm not up to building a burner for it.

I'd like to try to use a Basic Stamp II since it would make the software job
and testing much easier.

Is there anyone that would be willing to collaborate on such a project,
where I could do the software work and you could do the electronics part???
I've been in the software business for about 20 years or so, so this should
be a no brainer, but maybe we could add in things like multi-channel support
and velocity sensitivity (what do we do with that and an envelope generator???).


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