Couple of hopefully simple questions

Bob Zimmer bzimmer at
Fri Oct 25 19:23:21 CEST 1996

To all,

Can anyone answer a couple of what I hope are simple questions?

1.  I'm planning to use 28 gauge (stranded) ribbon cable for power
distribution through my modular.  These are going to be connected directly
to the modules through IDC edge connectors.  I have seen them listed in
Digi-Key's catalog as capable of 2A, but in a book I bought, they are rated
under 200ma.  This is quite a difference in ratings.  The question is, just
what current are they capable of carrying?

2.  When delivering +15/-15 to the two sides of a series of pots, can this
simply be daisy chained or is it better to bring each pot back to a central
point?  I'm trying to solve a wiring problem where I have about 8-10 pots on
a daisy chain and it seems that changing one is having an effect on some of
the others.

Thanks to anyone that can help!


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