Oberheim oscillators, Moog filters, analog FX ...

Bert Schiettecatte Bert.Schiettecatte at hookon.be
Fri Oct 25 18:07:00 CEST 1996


Just some questions:

	1. where can I find the schematics of an Oberheim
	   oscillator used in synths like the OB-8 ?
	2. what would be the best approach to make a synth
	   polyphonic if you only want to use 1 VCO
	   and want to play 6 notes ?
	3. where can I find the schematics for
	   a moog filter used in the Minimoog ?
	4. any suggestions for analog effects units in
	   a modular ?
	5. where can I find good analog effects schematics?
	   (stereo chorus, ...)

Thanks in advance!

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