Is Your Web Site A Secret?

Rick Jansen sscprick at
Fri Oct 25 17:05:34 CEST 1996

In message <199610250136.VAA04815 at> you write:
> Is your web site the best kept secret on the Internet?
> We'll post your site to 50 search engines/indexes for $85
> and complete the job in two business days.
> Please respond for details or call 914-278-4933.

I have told the senders of this mail to *#@Q$%^%! off
in no uncertain terms. If they try again I'll mail them
the whole synth-diy archive. Apparently some people out
on the net think it's worth THEIR wile to try and make
money this way and flooding mailing lists and private
mailboxes with trash like this.

I'm NOT amused.

Rick Jansen
rick at
S&H's a module and s&h's looking good

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