best way to cut 1/4" holes in plastic?

Bogdan Wies Taw Raczynski 00204435 at
Thu Oct 24 21:40:06 CEST 1996

> There's a nifty conical drill bit available from some of the hobby 
> electronics sources that works pretty good for plastics.  It's a stepped
> cone configuration - so you can drill a number of hole diameters.  Radio
> Shack may even sell it.

Shoot.  I was kind of hoping there would be something that wasn't a 
drill.  I have a nasty habit of letting the drill wander off and nearly 
miss my fingers, as I don't have any clamps (considering I live in a 
dorm, all this seems a bit excessive-- clamps, drills...). 

I'll keep looking :)  Thanks!


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