AW: Re: MetalPhoto

Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
Thu Oct 24 16:29:01 CEST 1996

  >>        Does anyone know if there's a UK supplier for this stuff??
  >... and one in Germany ??

  On the net there was a place listed in Australia - I guess that doesn't
  help you guys.

  Look in your business phonebook under;
  "Photographic Engraving"

  As it turns out, that is the larger heading that must of these companies
  fall under. Call some places and ask them if they know of anyone who does
  Metalphoto. I did this here in NYC and a lot of people knew what I was
  talking about - unfortunately, they all said it would be cheapest to have
  the work done direct by the Metalphoto people out in Cincinatti.

  - Still waiting for some more quotes back from these places. I got one
  more - but it was here in the north east and was way more expensive than
  the other place....

  - Clist

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