AW(2): Re: Couple EE questions...

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Thu Oct 24 23:36:00 CEST 1996

> So, it is in fact three various types of noises, and one of them you can't
> do anything about and the other two must be balanced to get the best 
> Picking an arbitrary low value will not generate the best noise.
> Do you now grasp the noise problem a little better Juergen?

Yes - and thanks for the good explanation!
Good to have you here !

> Note however that shot noise, flicker noise is not included within this =
> discussion. Metal film and wire wound resistors are quieter in general th=
> an
> carbon composition and carbon film resistors when it comes to flicker noi=
>se =(1/f noise).

Do you know - as a rule of thumb - *how much* worse a real garden-variety
carbon or metal film resistor is, compared to an ideal one? And is the
difference only in the 1/f noise (i.e. at low frequencies), or is there a
a difference in the upper f range as well that is worth mentioning?


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