AW: ASM-1 Homepage release note

Magnus Danielson e93_mda at
Thu Oct 24 14:16:30 CEST 1996

> > Please feel free to peak around on my pages at
> >
> Great Page, Magnus !!

Thank you!

> Just started to explore it ... especially liked the diode stuff
> and your Korg picts collection!

There is plenty more where that came from.

I prefer makeing good webpages for you guys to use than creating a 
overmonsterous bookmark file for myself. (I have 4 bookmark files... they
swallow all the them....).

The Korg picture collection mostly points to other sites but where a unifying
source where needed :)
More pages like the Korg picture gallery is comming up, I just made the Korg
one last nigth.... actually cause I wanted a overview of them.

Anyone got a PS-3300 picture (or pictures) for me... I'll hang in any info
I've get my hands on....


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