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Steve Crippen steve.crippen at
Wed Oct 23 21:46:49 CEST 1996

->      If a cheap cool-looking panel were available I'd like to be in on the 
->      design (if I may) and I'd also want a bunch for myself. 

Count me in as well.  I'd only want one or two units, so the price isn't
a huge issue for me.  Springing for a well done front panel would be
more cost (and time) effective than mail-ordering a dozen types of
chemicals and sheets of Unobtainium (tm) for many of us.

->      These are my synthesizer thoughts:
->      1. Big panel, all fully patchable, semi-modular design (a 
->      "semi-modular" has separate sections on the panel for independent 
->      modules but you can't move them around like on a Moog). No corners 
->      cut, all possible jacks and pots, banana or 1/4" jacks.
->      2. Small panel, normalled connections, for "expander module" type 
->      synthsizers, like the OB SEM.
->      3. Medium panel, normalled connection, one set of controls for a group 
->      of ASM-1's plus some minor individual controls (like individual VCO 
->      fine tune tweaks, etc.). Of course now the cabinet behind would have 
->      to be bigger to hold all those PCB's....

I'd go with either above, with my preference probably being some where
in the middle. 

->      As far as panel layout goes - I have a design done in Microsoft 
->      Paintbrush (I know - yuk, so I did it at work okay?) for 
->      laser-printing that has what I think is a good compromise between 
->      simplicity and completeness. It's like #1 above, fully patchable, and 
->      fits on a plate 16.5" X 12.75", which would rack-mount easily across 
->      the 16.5" dimension. 

Sounds perfect to me.  I kinda like the idea of dark anodized-like
finish with bright lettering and lines but I could live with a different

Has anybody considered contacting the fine folks at Paia (howdy John!)
and see if they have any leads on getting a batch of custom panels done?
I was very impressed with the Fatman panel and they only charge $20 for
that - and we're talking anodized, drilled, lettering and everything.

If they could get enough advance orders perhaps they'd consider having a
batch of panels done and make a few $$$ on it as well, quantity is the
key here.  

Just a thought.


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