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Wed Oct 23 21:48:11 CEST 1996

At 03:18 PM 10/23/96 -0400, you wrote:
>  OK me lil chillin's,
>  I just got the first "round" of prices from Schilling's Graphics
>  7"x19"
>  (four rack space)
>  .012 thickness film (I asked for .005 as well, but they didn't send it -
>  or the price is the same)
>  Self adhesive.
>  For 10:   $17.50 each
>  For 25:   $11.00 each
>  - That's really not too bad, imho. I'd, of course, like to go for the 25
>  pieces. Based on the response when I was looking into silk screening, I
>  think we can get that many takers. I mean, who wouldn't pay $13 extra
>  (incl shipping) for perfect, permanant lettering over a 4 rack space
>  panel?
>  I'm going to try a couple of other places and also check on the full 1/8"
>  panel price.
>  This is just to give people something to think about for now, I'll
>  (hopefully) report a full list of prices tomorrow...
>  - Chris


Please count me in!  I like your design (great graphics as I said before)
and would be willing to go for a full 1/8" panel.

My ASM-1 is "almost" working!  Just a few wiring problems on the VCO's left
to solve.  Found out it's almost impossible to test EG's without a gate
source.  I was trying to use the LFO (spelled non-existant Attack, then
Release) as I had nothing else for now.  The VCO problem is wierd!  I can
change the tuning on one VCO and it affects the other.  Also, the IPW
control affects tuning. Time to resolder some wires!


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