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Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
Wed Oct 23 21:18:10 CEST 1996

  OK me lil chillin's,

  I just got the first "round" of prices from Schilling's Graphics

  (four rack space)
  .012 thickness film (I asked for .005 as well, but they didn't send it -
  or the price is the same)
  Self adhesive.

  For 10:   $17.50 each
  For 25:   $11.00 each

  - That's really not too bad, imho. I'd, of course, like to go for the 25
  pieces. Based on the response when I was looking into silk screening, I
  think we can get that many takers. I mean, who wouldn't pay $13 extra
  (incl shipping) for perfect, permanant lettering over a 4 rack space

  I'm going to try a couple of other places and also check on the full 1/8"
  panel price.

  This is just to give people something to think about for now, I'll
  (hopefully) report a full list of prices tomorrow...

  - Chris

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