Laser-printed panels and other topics

Grant Richter grichter at
Wed Oct 23 21:20:04 CEST 1996

>     Many times when I drill 
>     aluminum a shaving forms that is a couple of inches long, and it 
>     creeps up the drill bit hiding in one of the two spiral grooves. Then 
>     as it gets longer and longer, it sometimes curls out just enough for 
>     centrifugal force to grab a hold of it and fling it outwards so that 
>     it forms a big honkin' jagged kinda propellor blade that promptly dips 
>     down and etches a four-inch diameter circle in whatever it is that I'm 
>     drilling. I hate it when that happens.

Oh man, I am there. One thing to find for aluminum work are the Black &
Decker "Bullet" drills.They only need a 1/16" center hole for any size final
hole because they are essentially a cutter.

I was actually introduced to these as aluminum drills at Electronic Systems
of Wisconsin. We would tape the blueprints over these big chassis pans
and drill and punch right through it. This has the advantage that the 1:1
prints give your centerpunch location and the paper protects the 
aluminum from the "big honkin jagged kinda propellor". The bullet
drills minimize the propellor effect to some extent.


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