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Tony Clark clark at
Wed Oct 23 16:45:36 CEST 1996

   Well I happened to look at one of the sites today.  What I discovered 
is that they can do them ON 1/8" aluminum panels.  So why bother with the 
thinner stuff and hassle with glue when you can just get them to do the 
whole faceplate itself?  All you have to do then is drill the holes, pop 
the pots and switches in and then bolt it onto your rack.
   On the issue of color, the company I was looking at, Schilling's 
Graphics, can do a variety of things to an etched panel.  One of the 
samples of MetalPhoto I saw on the web used a gold metal with black 
lettering.  Very sharp.  Also less glare.  :)
   Since I just ordered the ASM board, I'd be interested in signing 
up with a group who wants to go this route and have a few panels made.
Want to start a list?


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>   Questions for Stew:
>   1. What's a recommended thickness? You don't want it too thick if you're
>   sticking it onto 1/8" plates because the threads for the pots won't go
>   through.
>   2. What's a recommended color - I think black lettering on silver would
>   be best, but maybe reversed would look cooler? Which is more durable - or
>   are they both tough?
>   Thanks,
>   - CList

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