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Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
Wed Oct 23 16:10:08 CEST 1996

  > This seems like a great material for front panels.

  Yes, absolutely. It's funny, after searching through Yahoo and whatnot
  for quite sometime yesturday under "printing" "engraving" "Screen
  printing" "metal fabrication" "maufacturing" etc, I couldn't find this.
  Whodda thought the keyword is "Metalphoto". I really like the fact that
  you can get shops to do this for you - especially when you consider the
  fact that many of them must be used to really small runs for awards and
  signs and stuff.

  This looks like the prime method of doing the faceplates for the ASM-1.
  This way we can do them in one size and people can fix them to whatever
  size panel theyt want and add the extra features in the blank space... Or
  make one bigger size and people who don't want the extra features can
  just cut that part off!

  Questions for Stew:
  1. What's a recommended thickness? You don't want it too thick if you're
  sticking it onto 1/8" plates because the threads for the pots won't go

  2. What's a recommended color - I think black lettering on silver would
  be best, but maybe reversed would look cooler? Which is more durable - or
  are they both tough?

  - CList

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