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>   I'm not sure if any of you are aware of this material, and how handy
> you are in a dark room.  But I work in electronics making custom
> instruments, and we use a material called MetalPhoto.  It's a
> photosensitized aluminum, which you expose and process like film.
> Once the material is cured by boiling in a cure bath, the lettering
> is indestructible.  A little pricey, $10-20/sheet, depending on size.
> You can go a little cheaper by buying thin stuff (0.032) and glueing
> to your faceplate.  I don't have the info in front of me, but I can
> get you the name of a distributor if you like.

At work I use something similar. It's an aluminium or plastic self 
adhesive sheet that you expose to UV light and then just wipe with some 
solvent. No boiling or darkrooms.

You need to spray the front with something to protect it though. Available 
in various colours. (I've used black/silver in aluminium and black/white in 
plastic). Once stuck onmto the panel you can drill right through it as 
well. Comes in various size sheets. I've donw 19 inch rack panels though 
the problem is getting the original art-work that big (you need 19" wide 
clear film, like OHP slides). You just laser print the artwork onto an OHP 
slide and what you print in black comes away with the solvent, exposing 
the white or silver underneath.

I'll try and dig out more info.

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