Laser-printed panels and other topics

Dan Higdon hdan at
Wed Oct 23 05:43:13 CEST 1996

From: 	Troy Sheets[SMTP:tsheets at]
> Personally, I am going for the highly mysterious knobs and jacks and 
> no lables look.  I mean, I designed it, I know where everything is.

My scheme is almost as lame (sorry Troy!).  I use all black rack panels
(single, double, painted, anodized, whatever I can get!), and I use a very thin
white paint pen to label them.  Admittedly, I don't tend to label very much,
just an abbreviation of the knob's function, or a simple waveshape for an
oscillator output jack, and the occasional line to connect an attenuator to
its jack.

Sure, it's not very sturdy, but you can easily "repair" mistakes. I harbor
illusions of clear-coat finishes and such, but right now I'm still in the
"hey look, noise->vca+lfo = choo-choo sound!" phase. :-)


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