Laser-printed panels and other topics

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Wed Oct 23 01:30:45 CEST 1996

     All of these suggestions are good ones! I like the laminator idea - we 
     have one here at work somewhere - why didn't I think of that? (of 
     course that's why I post...)
     Anyway the drill suggestion is well taken, but I just don't trust 
     myself when I get on a roll on the drillpress. Once I get going I 
     start to get cocky and think to myself "damn I'm gettin' good at this, 
     no problem..." and suddenly on the last hole, a big wad of brillo 
     grunge forms and my panel gets a big crop circle on it. So no, I will 
     not consider marking a panel before I drill out all the holes. It's 
     just me.
     I'm gonna try the laser print thing again, maybe with that laminator 
     trick. Also I think I'll try the Brother P-Touch black on white. 
     Anybody ever done that? Does clearcoat dissolve the P-Touch tape ink?
     - Gene
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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Laser-printed panels and other topics
Author:  Doug Wellington <doug at> at ccrelayout
Date:    10/22/96 12:03 PM

>     down and etches a four-inch diameter circle in whatever it is that I'm 
>     drilling. I hate it when that happens.
Umm, is it too obvious a suggestion to say that you should press down a 
little on the drill, then back off to let the chip break before pressing 
down again?  (I used to be a machinist, and we even programmed that into 
our CNC mills...)
As for the panels, why not get one of those kits to make silkscreens, and
use two part epoxy ink?  I used to make stencils from card stock and squeegee 
the ink across it.  (Also from my machine shop days.)  That epoxy ink is so 
tough, if I messed up and didn't realize until it had dried, I had to use a 
file to get it off and then re do the chem-coat or re-anodize...

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