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Tue Oct 22 20:56:01 CEST 1996

>     The reason I drill the panel and paper separately is that I don't want 
>     to mess up the holes or the panel markings. Many times when I drill 
>     aluminum a shaving forms that is a couple of inches long, and it 
>     creeps up the drill bit hiding in one of the two spiral grooves. Then 
>     as it gets longer and longer, it sometimes curls out just enough for 
>     centrifugal force to grab a hold of it and fling it outwards so that 
>     it forms a big honkin' jagged kinda propellor blade that promptly dips 
>     down and etches a four-inch diameter circle in whatever it is that I'm 
>     drilling. I hate it when that happens.

Umm, is it too obvious a suggestion to say that you should press down a
little on the drill, then back off to let the chip break before pressing
down again?  (I used to be a machinist, and we even programmed that into
our CNC mills...)

As for the panels, why not get one of those kits to make silkscreens, and
use two part epoxy ink?  I used to make stencils from card stock and squeegee
the ink across it.  (Also from my machine shop days.)  That epoxy ink is so
tough, if I messed up and didn't realize until it had dried, I had to use a
file to get it off and then re do the chem-coat or re-anodize...


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