Laser-printed panels and other topics

Mikko Helin MHELIN at
Tue Oct 22 14:43:43 CEST 1996

>I made front panels for the Formant by designing them on a Macintosh, 
>printing them with a laserprinter on overhead sheet transparencies, 
>with the image "flipped" (mirrored). Then I glue the result with clear
>epoxy onto aluminium (lightly sanded, do this with water, alu dust is
>not good for your health (wet the alu, not yourself (with water))).
>Print the image mirrored, so the toner will be on the epoxy-glue/alu
I wonder how any ordinary tone transfer method would work, with
a clearcoat sprayed on transferred tone, anybody tried it? There may
be some problems as the tone doesn't aways stick properly, so some repair
may be needed. 

Just an idea, like it or not,


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