help with Fatman and PCB questions...

Cheshire Reid.Oda at Colorado.EDU
Sat Oct 19 20:24:41 CEST 1996

On Sat, 19 Oct 1996, Robot wrote:

> Sorry for the crosspost but I'm still having problems posting do synth-diy.
> I'm building a Fatman for a friend and I'm getting frustrated with the wire
> jumpers.  If I tin the wires, they are too fat to fit in the tiny holes
> supplied.  If I don't tin them, they fray and It's also a pain to get the
> wires through.  GRRR!!!  I wish PAIA had supplied solid wire to get around
> this (Or bigger holes).  

	Funny that you should post this today.  Last night I finally sat
down to put together the Fatman kit that's been sitting on my desk for the
past week.  I ran into the exact same problem.  It really pissed me off,
especially because it was the VERY first step.   Right before I got on the
phone to Paia I made one last check of the parts list.  OOPS!  With all of
those multi-colored parts and wires in that little bag I overlooked the
fact that included in the kit is comething like 32" of stranded wire and
9" of SOLID WIRE.  This would explain my confusion for the sleeving of
seemingly already insulated wire.  Dig to the bottom of your parts bag.
It's small and copper and all wound up.  It fits through the holes very
nicely and will make your experience a whole lot more pleasant!


-Reid Oda

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