ASM-1 Board

gstopp at gstopp at
Fri Oct 18 00:50:14 CEST 1996

     ASM-1 boards are available from me! Got a drawer full of 'em here.
     You get a bare circuit board (double sided, soldermasked and 
     silkscreened, all that good stuff) plus some documentation including 
     schematics and text descriptions.
     Price is $60 U.S. each, or four or more in one order for $50 each.
     My mailing address is:
     Attention: Gene Stopp
     21415 Plummer Street
     Chatsworth, California

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Subject: ASM-1 Board
Author:  David Schwan <davidsch at> at ccrelayout
Date:    10/16/96 7:06 PM

Is there a source for ASM-1 boards?  Or do I need to make my own from the 
postscript artwork.

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