Solipsist Nation mute at ma.ultranet.com
Wed Oct 16 21:38:18 CEST 1996

Ah, I found it!

Hello-- I am just entering into the intimidating realm of DIY synthesis.
I've built a couple of PAiA kits (the vocoder and the MIDI studio
interface), so I'm not a complete neophyte. My current project, which
arrived yesterday, is Gene Stopp's ASM-1 board. I'm currently gathering
parts and considering different front-panel layouts. I'll probably do
something neat-looking like mounting it on white or clear (or green)
plexiglas and lighting it from the inside... (wheee!)

Anyway, I thought I'd write some kind of intro... I'm currently reading
through the archives and seeing what can be seen... Lots of interesting
stuff there...


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