Apologies to list(for Paul Maddox)

jupiter4 jupiter4 at bt-sys.bt.co.uk
Tue Oct 15 14:56:47 CEST 1996

Something screwy is happening with either mine or Paul's mailer.
So I'm trying to bounce this through synth diy to Paul Moaddox

Here are the 2 e-mails I sent you...... if it don't work I'll post it to diy!!!!!
(Sorry list)


Sorry to here you are having a bad day. If its any consolation I had a 
cartlidge knee op 2 weeks ago and I'm looking forward to a good day :-). 
Due in about 3-5days. 

I haven't received anything from you yet but I only gave you my address 
yesterday. I have brought the ETI modular stuff in today. I will send it today.

Cheers, DAve ...


A freaky thing happened to me. just as I sent you that last e-mail about 
knees and notes. literaaly as I pressed send, my girlfriend rang me and said 
I had a letter arrived from you, saying that here are the foils and I'll send 
the rest later... enter the twilight zone.... 

dave ....

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