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Thu Oct 10 20:24:00 CEST 1996

At 12:42 PM 10/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I received my final shipment of Electronotes issues and stuff from Bernie
>last night.  Bernie had put a note in the package asking to report this as a
>positive experience which it has been.  I received about 14" of paper from
>him in six shipments.  Each shipment came thru in perfect condition.  He has
>this down to an art!

I would like to add that Bernie shipped my (smaller) order to me in record
time; the first shipment arrived 8 days after I sent the check, with the
other shipments arriving within the next week.  I plan on ordering the rest
of Bernie's publications as soon as my finances permit doing so.  He did not
make any requests that I report this; I just felt that people should know
that Bernie is currently sending out stuff on a timely basis.  (As opposed
to, say, me - I just made 400 photocopies last night to add to the 700 I had
made a few weeks ago, so I'll be sending packets to several of you today or

BTW, thanks for all the advice on the Prophet power supply.  Within 10
minutes of posting my question, I had 3 replies that were all quite useful
(during the middle of a workday, I might add - tsk, tsk. :).  This list
really is a great thing; at least 95% of the info posted seems fairly useful
- the other 5% is fluff like this letter, most of which I post :).


Sean Costello

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