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Thu Oct 10 16:26:34 CEST 1996

Bog said:
> involed in making a box where I can put in as many sources, and have them 
> output to a single source?? That didn't make sense.  let me draw it out. 

You're right, Bog.  That didn't make sense.  You'd be able to say what
your drawing showed if you remember this:  An output can send its signal
to one or more inputs.  In your case, if I understand your correctly,
you have a 707 that has a DIN sync output jack and two 606s that have
DIN sync input jacks.  Well, I don't pretend to know these machines or
DIN sync, but a Y cable seems to be in order.  This is where pin 1 of
the 707's output feeds pin 1 of both 606s' inputs.  Replicate for each
pin in the DIN jacks.  If the 707's output can source enough current,
sending it to multiple 606s shouldn't be a problem.

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