*UGLY* MIDI Thru issues

Mark Pulver mpulver at wwa.com
Thu Oct 10 11:04:41 CEST 1996

Sorry for the cross-post, I forgot where this conversation started, but
this is relevant to both lists.

We were talking about MIDI THRU's and their implementation... Well, last
night I ran up against an old friend, the Korg EX-8000. This guy had
brought me trouble before, but I'd long since forgotten aboout it...
Unfortunately, it didn't forget about me. :(

A couple of nights ago, I put in a new piece of gear. And in my rush to
hook it up, I just stole the MIDI and audio connections from the EX-8000.
Last night, I figgered it was time to straighten everything out, so I built
a couple of new cables and wired back in the EX-8000.

Then the problems started.

The new gear starting hanging notes, dropping notes from a sequencer, going
nuts when I spun a MOD wheel... I was freaking out. The last thing I wanted
to do was think that my new toy was on it's way back to New York. :(

Then I realized two other things...  Synths "downwind" of the new gear were
acting up, and I was getting *NO* aftertouch or velocity data.

I grabbed a beer, relaxed, and starting thinking... When I had patched the
EX-8000 back in, I had put it at the front of the gear chain on this port
of my controller; connecting each piece of gear to the next via the MIDI
THRU ports.

Yep. You guessed it... I moved the EX-8000 to the END of this chain and
*ALL* of the problems went away. 

I don't have schematics, but it looks like the processor in the EX-8000 is
actually moving MIDI data from the IN to the THRU port versus the THRU port
being a hardware mirror of the IN port. Can anyone confirm? If this is
true, then all the problems I was having are easily explained as the
processor int he EX-8000 simply dropping NOTE data and not even bothering
to pass AFTERTOUCH and VELOCITY data.

  				   * U G L Y *

Pulver's Fable: If you've having problems with data getting to a module in
a chain, try reorginizing the chain and see what happens.


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