another Prophet-5 query

Squishy squishy at
Thu Oct 10 08:05:53 CEST 1996

At 08:51 AM 10/9/96 -0700, Tom Butcher wrote:
>I've got another prophet-5 question for the experts.  Sorry if this is a
>bit off-topic, I've only been on a couple of weeks.
>My P5 has a nasty flicker on the LED displays.  It also happens that when
>the display is flickering, one of the voices has an intermittent 'zap'
>type sound when it's sounding.  It could be the filter opening all the way
>up or the amplifier shorting to full-volume... or maybe both.

Mine flickers too, but I don't have the other problem you mention.  I 
talked to a friend of mine who is a wiz at fixing things (including
keyboards), he told me it could be just a dirty pot that needs to be
cleaned.  I haven't gotten around to cleaning the pots, but it might
be a place to start.  Mine doesn't flicker all the time so I haven't
been able to pinpoint it to anything in particular.


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