Linear VCO Midi'ing?

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Thu Oct 10 05:42:17 CEST 1996

Hello List! (two hellos to Christopher!)

I have the fine job <ackk!> of being asked to add Midi control to a Yamaha
GX-1 synth. (formerly Keith Emerson's.)

This beast has linear tracking VCO's and is very similar to two CS-80s for
my purposes.
I will not be supporting the pedal or solo voices.

I've heard that Kenton has some linear version Midi to CV units for Korgs
and CS-80s.
Does anybody know more about these or other units? Do they make a Pro/4
linear version?

I have to control 16 voices and several channels of continuous controllers
along with patch change capability (this might be the hardest part

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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