Wanted: Greatest Analog Audio Engineer on the Planet!

Scott Evans gse at ocsystems.com
Wed Oct 9 21:03:19 CEST 1996


I just saw this on rec.audio.pro and thought it might interest some 
folks on the mailing list(s).

> From: Phillip Culver <philc at sterling-truex.com>
> Newsgroups: rec.audio.pro
> Subject: Wanted: Greatest Analog Audio Engineer on the Planet!
> Date: Tue, 08 Oct 1996 11:33:05 -0700
> If you are reading this, and the subject describes you to a TEE, then
> my client wants to speak with you. They want to hire a Chief Analog
> Audio engineer to be a MENTOR/GURU (not manager) to a staff of
> experienced talented engineers at an American-owned, privately-held,
> non-conglomerative PRO AUDIO manufacturer in the Los Angeles area. This
> individual will receive a 6-figure (no decimal point) salary, with the
> possibility of pre-IPO stock options. You must have MANY years of analog
> audio design experience, be active in the field, know how to
> layout/read/improve circuits, and serve as a resource to this
> DIGITALLY-oriented audio company.
>    This is a GREAT opportunity for the talented and experienced to make
> a real contribution to the IMPROVEMENT of SOUND. If you can lead,
> design, and collaborate, are BORED with your current job, WANT to take
> analog audio into the next MILLENIUM, then contact me at the below
> address:
> Phillip Culver
> The Sterling Group
> 415-391-8080
> philc at sterling-truex.com
> strlngpc at aol.com
> Fax: 415-781-6607

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