another Prophet-5 query

Tom Butcher bit at
Wed Oct 9 17:51:54 CEST 1996

I've got another prophet-5 question for the experts.  Sorry if this is a
bit off-topic, I've only been on a couple of weeks.

My P5 has a nasty flicker on the LED displays.  It also happens that when
the display is flickering, one of the voices has an intermittent 'zap'
type sound when it's sounding.  It could be the filter opening all the way
up or the amplifier shorting to full-volume... or maybe both.

If the machine's been on for a long time (like a couple of days),
sometimes the flicker will go away for a little while.  When this happens,
there's no pop in that voice like before, and the machine functions

Any ideas?  I've opened it and reseated everything... checked for bad
connections, etc, but I didn't find anything obvious.  No schematics.  :/

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