ASM-1 front-panel

Erik Schuijers eriks at
Wed Oct 9 13:28:53 CEST 1996

Hi all,

yesterday I've edited a design for my frontplate for the ASM-1 modular. It's
become huge!!!

A lot of extra pots are added as attenuators. It's 19-inch wide and eight
heights. That gives a grand total of: 2*6*8=96 holes for pots, connectors
and a led. I've only got room left for one hole. ALL THE OTHERS ARE USED.
The only thing I added which I think is definitely lacking on the ASM-1
board is a mixer for the outputs of the VCAs. In my front-plate design I've
added a 2-input mixer with adjustable gain, there just wasn't more room left
for more inputs.

I've also added thru ports for one of the CV's of each VCO, and the gate on
the ADSR.

VCO's: 2 times 2*8 holes
VCF: 2*8 holes
ADSR: 2 times 2*4 holes
VCA: 2 times 2*3 holes
GLIDE: 2 + 1 holes
NOISE: 2*3 holes
LFO: 2*3 holes
MIXER: 2*2 holes
---------------- +
96 holes to drill!!!

Later this week I'm going to make some GIF's of the seperate modules which I
will then put on my web-page. I've already designed a nice 'scale' ;very
much like the Elektor Formant.

A question about that mixer:

How much decoupling would one simple two-in one-out negative amp need?? Is
1u on both sides enough and what is a good opamp for this use??? Could I use
a TL-082 of which I have stacks and stacks??



PS: I'll keep everyone up-2-date on what's happening!

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