New VCA feature.

Grant Richter grichter at
Sat Oct 5 21:29:24 CEST 1996

I recently read the desciption of the Aries AR-343 multiplier module.
This module has a control response that is continuously adjustable
between linear and exponential.

I looked at Terry Mikulic's VCA circuit in Electronotes #34 page 16
and realized that by placing a dual ganged pot (100k and 10k) in the circuit
you could add this feature.The 100k section goes in series with a 3.6k resistor
in the feedback circuit of the LM307. The 10k section goes on the emitter of
the PNP.

This allows continuous adjustment between the two types of response.

Just thought someone might get a kick out of this. It seems like a useful
feature to have, and the cost trade off is not that bad.


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