ASM-1 Front Panels

Tony Clark clark at
Sat Oct 5 19:21:00 CEST 1996

> Assuming we get something working, my question is how to paint an
> engraved panel. Would it be possible to spray on one color, and
> then "roll" on a second color w/o filling in the engraving? I also
> thought about painting the panels before machining and leaving the 
> engraving natural, but I believe that chips from the machining process
> would scratch the paint. 
> Anyone have any experience w/ this or any suggestions? 

   My company has a lot of custom panels made, and what we have done to 
them is a process called "powder coating".  This is by far the best way 
to paint ANYTHING.  What happens is this:  They coat your part with a 
powdered paint and then is sent into an oven to bake.  This produces a 
very hard and durable coating over your part.  And you can get pretty 
much any kind of finish that you want (from glossy to matte) and any 
   Next, we have our graphics screen printed on.  The end result of this 
is of course very professional.
   Now then, I'm assuming that you don't want to spend that much money to 
have a rack panel done, so I'd do this:

   1)  Engrave your panel first, with lines at least 1 mm wide.
   2)  Have it powder coated.  Flat black is a good color.
   3)  Hand paint the engraved grooves with an enamel paint.

   I'm racking my Micromoog, and while I don't have an engraving machine 
like the one at your disposal, I do plan to have my Micromoog panel 
powder coated.  But for graphics I'm using the original vinyl from the 
   If I ever get around to designing my own synth, I'll probably do 
screen printing on the panels.


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