ASM-1 Front Panels

Tomy Hudson wizrad at
Sat Oct 5 18:51:30 CEST 1996

I have been toying w/ an idea for ASM-1 panels. My father-in-law owns
a plastics fabrication company, and they just purchased an NC Engraving
machine. They are experimenting with engraving aluminum panels. I've
been helping them out (w/ my own alterior motives ;-) unfortunately, 
the only experience I have w/ engraving is in steel tire molds (the
lettering on your Michelin tires was done w/ my software). There's 
quite a difference in scale and tools, and we haven't achieved any
really fine line drawing yet. Currently we're only trying to do line
drawing, so any figure requiring pocketing or multiple thicknesses
(ie tool changes) would probably make the cost of fabrication

Also, any panel design would have to be in a vectorized format like
AutoCad DXF (not a rasterized or bitmap format).

Assuming we get something working, my question is how to paint an
engraved panel. Would it be possible to spray on one color, and
then "roll" on a second color w/o filling in the engraving? I also
thought about painting the panels before machining and leaving the 
engraving natural, but I believe that chips from the machining process
would scratch the paint. 

Anyone have any experience w/ this or any suggestions? 


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