ASM-1 up and running

Erik The ViKing E.G.P.Schuijers at
Sat Oct 5 16:15:11 CEST 1996

> I have finished my ASM-1 as well and am having different problems, but I
> think that mine are pilot error! (;^)  I have a rack chassis on order and
> temporarily have assembled the panel using holes in the top of an old shoe
> box just to hold the parts in place to try things out!  I'll put a picture
> (for laughs only please!) on my home page in the near future!
Don't laugh now; I've done about the same thing. At least just for testing.
But now I'm still wondering, as a lot of you finally seem to have got it
running (like I do!), whether anyone has come up with a design for a front
panel. Also: what pots did you add???

Basically my idea was:

 +fine tune
 +coarse tune
 +square level
 +saw level
 +4*CV in
 +FM in AC
 +FM in DC
 +PW Mod. in
 +sync in
 +Square out
 +Saw out

 +2*CV in
 +Pos. env
 +Neg. env
 +4*signal in
 +LP out
 +BP out
 +HP out
 +Notch out

 +ADSR level
 +gate in
 +adsr out

 +pos. sig in
 +neg. sig in
 +2*VC in
 +signal out

 +triangle level
 +square level
 +rate (+led)
 +triangle out
 +square out

 +CV in
 +CV out

 +random n. lev.
 +white n. lev.
 +pink n. lev.
 +random n. out
 +white n. out
 +pink n. out

As you can see I added attenuators at the end of each module in order to
lower the number of patch-cables. It also makes the ASM-1 compatible with
other modules I've built/I own!
I use the power-supply as in the Formant Elektor!!!
Furthermore I've added a few mixers for the output, a power switch (on the

Another question: regarding from what I've listed above could anyone give me
an estimate of how big (a 19-inch) plate I would need to fit it all?? And
can someone tell me what's the best layout in order of the modules;
top-to-bottom or left-to-right VCO etc....?????

Anyway thanks and sorry for the long message!


PS: I have some free web-space at hand, maybe I could put out an ASM-1
homepage. If you'd like to see one please send material to:
eriks at

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