The 15 dollar synth chip...

Troy Sheets tsheets at
Sat Oct 5 01:20:26 CEST 1996

I don't know exactly what you would use it for... but I was just reading
in the latest issue of Electronic Design about a single chip that takes
in direct, raw MIDI serial data, and puts out digital 44.1K audio signal.
In beween, you have the complete, 128 voice General Midi spec (with an
additional 47 percussion sounds and 32 note polyphony) and reverb and
chorus effects... all controlable by standard MIDI data.

Add their DAC converter and about 5 discrete components and
you have a complete GM sound module.

Price will be 15 dollars for the synth chip, in orders of 10,000:

Crystal Semiconductor Corp

sounds like it could be a fun project :)


ps: This will be available at the end of the year.

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