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Fri Oct 4 22:53:53 CEST 1996

I'm posting this for a friend, so please do NOT respond to me.
Items for sale:

Ensoniq ASR-10 sampling keyboard..............$1600 obo
Ensoniq SQR-32+...............................$ 250 obo

	includes SCSI port, sturdy soft shell carrying case, high
	quality library, EXCEL database on the library, and WaveBoy
	effects software.  Mint condition.  The library is about 70
	floppies of high quality, professional samples; many of which
	are of the owner's Hammond A-100 and MiniMoog.  Manuals

	Mint condition (kept in a Calzone flight case) and includes an
	extra ROM card.  This was originally an SQR+ but it has been
	upgraded to an SQR-32+.  Manuals included.

Contact Bob Ashmore at __ ash at __ for all info and
negotiations.  For those who know me, Bob is the keyboard player of
ShadowPlay, the Prog Rock band I was in and am finally reforming.

Bill Fox	wbf at
PLEASE NOTE MY NEW ADDRESS!!!!!  (att is now micro.lucent in my address.)
	wbf at ===> wbf at

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