ASM-1 up and running

Bogdan Wies Taw Raczynski 00204435 at
Fri Oct 4 15:58:42 CEST 1996

>   Just thought I'd mention, I have my ASM-1 project up and running. I built it
> with the maximum amount of pots and jacks. Almost everything worked
> perfectly right off the bat. It sounds great ! I'm still ironing
> out a few problems here and there. One thing I recommend is soldering in the
> "optional" 30pf capacitor across the feedback resistor of the VCA, otherwise
> you will get high freq oscillation on the output of the VCA's, only at a certain
> control voltage input level. This can be heard as "clicking" when you modulate
> the VCA every time you pass that certain voltage. Adding the capacitor gets rid
> of the problem.

Wow.  This sounds really exciting, that you guys are actually doing your 
own thing.  Are there any really simple/basic beginner sound projects 
around (that you guys have schemes for)?  I'm just getting started, so I 
know I 
wouldn't be able to handle the broad project that you're working on.  

I picked up a radio shack book 
that goes into electronics a bit and tried to  build a little chirp 
generator circuit (I can hear the laughter now :), but unfortunately, I 
can't seem to find any UJT's in this town!  Is there anyway I could use 
some other parts so as to not have to find a ujt somewhere, or should I 
start on a new project?  


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