How can I make two-sided PCBs???/

Anders Sponton anders.sponton at
Wed Oct 2 13:44:07 CEST 1996

Erik wrote:

> But won't it be a problem to place the two layouts exactly against each
> other??? Else the drilling would be a nasty bit!!!!!
> And yes Ultimate is a VERY nice program!!!
> Erik

Well, I use a commercial "whatsthenameofit", and that "thing" enables me
to do both single- or doublesided pcb:s.
In early years, I used to drill two holes for aligning, and aligned the
artworks over those holes. Then I exposed one side at one time ( it did
work with a lot of care) and as a final etched the hole thing. 
I really don´t know of another method.

Anders, Sweden

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