DIY schemos / Misc stuff

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Tue Oct 1 15:05:07 CEST 1996

I have decided to do a DIY section on Synthfool, so in addition to
Juergen's diagrams being put up, anyone else who has circuits they would
like to share in this type of forum, please contact me and I will include
yours too. (please no attached binaries to this email address, I have
another one for that purpose).

Other synth type stuff-

I recently had the pleasure of having serial number 1 Minimoog visit me. It
was Tom Rheas' old unit and was originally thought to have perished in a
warehouse fire. It didn't and was in fantastic condition.
Of interesting note, it had two pushbuttons, not rocker switches for glide
and decay. Had Moog actually incorporated the glide pushbutton, the style
of music produced by the mini could have been very much different. It was
really fun to play with- gliding only selected notes on the fly. Unit
tracked pretty damn well too!

Of somewhat minor interest, but something that certainly made MY day yesterday-

A friend GAVE me a CS-80 synth! It works, complete with flight case! Wow!!!

(Never take friendship for granted!)

Happy DIY'ing


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