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Sat Mar 23 21:34:39 CET 1996

Well, I'm a bit new to the list, mainly because I'm thinking about
building my own synth during a few weeks which I have off in August...
I actually am planning for a hard-wired synth this time around, versus a
modular (which I might make later)... I have a few books and a lot of
other types of info on the subjects, it looks like building the
component parts (VCO, VCA, VCF, triggers, etc.) is going to be
relatively easy (painstaking to build, but easy to do and mod... I've
had electronics experience before)

What I _HAVEN'T_ been able to find so far yet is some info that I might
like to incorporate but I don't know where to find info for it:

1) MIDI. Since all my other instruments are MIDI, I'd like this
instrument to be controlled via MIDI as well. Probably simple MIDI to
start with (note on / off, velocity, etc.)... but unfortunatley I
haven't been able to find a darn thing regarding MIDI yet. The PAIA
Fatman uses MIDI, are there schematics on that machine? 

2) Big one that I'm not sure I want to do: Patch memory. Although I've
had some digital experience, I'm not exactly sure where to begin on this
one. Especially regarding controlling an analogue synthesizer with it.
And even further on linking it to the MIDI system so patch memory can be
loaded and saved via sysex dump (instead of tape). Any hints or good
books that touch on this subject? 



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