Serge-style CV inputs

Don Tillman don at
Wed Mar 13 22:39:10 CET 1996

   From: Christopher List <Christopher_List at>
   Date: 13 Mar 96 14:29:57 

   This relates to a current AH thread on Serge CV inputs. Going through
   their catalog it seems that there's a lot of modules that have CV's
   with CV amount knobs that have + and - amount (depth). When the knob
   is centered, the CV has no effect, when it's all the way to the right
   it has max "+" effect, all the way to the left, it has a max inverted

   It seems like there must be a simple way to do this - but I'm not
   savvy enough to figure it out off the top of my head. 

   How about this:

[diagram deleted]

Way too complicated.  Try this:

            |  | \      |
            |  |  \     |
   +--vvvv--+--|-  \    |
---+           |    >---+----
   +--+    +---|+  / 
      |    |   |  /
      <    |   | /

R's are equal and some reasonable value like 50k.  The pot can be any
reasonable value, like 100k, linear taper.

  -- Don

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