AH died?

gstopp at fibermux.com gstopp at fibermux.com
Mon Mar 4 23:03:03 CET 1996

     Hi all, sorry if I started a rumor... turns out I got knocked off the 
     sub list at hyperreal, probably due to the gateway at my site freaking 
     out recently and bouncing mails. I didn't notice it and probably could 
     have deduced it, had I looked at my "from" headers more carefully and 
     noticed that the only reason that I saw AH in there is because I was 
     getting only the cross-posts. Duh.
     Moral #1 - When in doubt check the archives. I've been off for weeks! 
     Moral #2 - Always suspect your site first.
     Moral #3 - Never trust computers. Never, ever trust a network of them.
     Moral #4 - fEEd's a nice guy. He re-subbed me. (thanks fEEd!)
     - Gene
     gstopp at fibermux.com
     p.s. like I told fEEd, some gateways choke, but mine apparently 
     projectile vomits!

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Subject: Re: AH died?
Author:  Tom Butcher <bit at hyperreal.com> at ccrelayout
Date:    3/4/96 2:42 PM

>      Hi Electronica/DIY People,
>      I am suspecting that the Analogue Heaven list server died, based on 
>      the conspicuous lack of activity. Anybody know the story????
Hyperreal.com, the computer that hosts Analogue Heaven, has not died.  
Unfortunately, we have been experiencing extremely heavy loads on our 
internet connection, and this has affected all the lists on Hyperreal as 
well as web access (this means Musicmachines), FTP access, and telnet 
access for vrave.
We expect to be able to correct the problem in a couple of weeks by 
adding more internet taps.  Please be patient and bare with us in the 
next few weeks.
Thank you,
Tom Butcher                                         [bit at hyperreal.com] 

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